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It’s getting closer…

Don’t worry if you don’t get it, most people won’t.

Four weeks from now we will be in London. Where did the time go? There are so many things to finish, and so little time to finish them in! Amazingly enough, I am not freaking out yet. If you know me well, you will agree that this is truly amazing. I think the reality will set in more in a couple weeks when I am officially unemployed.

In case you don’t believe me about the “little time” comment, here’s my schedule for the next few weeks.

Friday, 8/20:
-Fly home from Seattle
-Go to Li’s birthday party

Saturday, 8/21:
-Get blood tests (just to make sure everything works before leaving)
-Dentist appointment
-10 year high school reunion

Sunday, 8/22:
-Pack and clean
-Maybe make it to HS Reunion barbecue (because I’d like to see my friends’ kids, and kids are not invited to the real reunion)

Monday, 8/23:
-Fly to Seattle for work

Tuesday, 8/24:
-Fly to San Diego for work

Friday, 8/27:
-Fly home
-Pack and prep for move

Saturday, 8/28:
-Pack and prep for move

Sunday, 8/29:
-Move! (put almost everything in storage, and bring a few essentials to Vlad’s parents’ house)

Monday and Tuesday, 8/30-31
-Work from home
-Pack for Burning Man

Wednesday-Sunday, 9/1-5:
-Burning Man

Then it gets vague. On the way home from Burning Man, Vlad and I will stop in at my Dad’s top hang out with my family for a day or two. Then we’ll have a week left during which to take our Typhoid pills, sell our cars (if they don’t sell, we have people who will sell them for us), plan some sort of bon voyage party, and finish whatever we have to finish before we leave on 9/14.

I think it would be a little different if I lived at home on weekdays. I’d have more time becuase I could take an hour in the middle of the day to go to the doc or dentist, or run an errand. It’s ok, though, my reward for the last year and three months of work-travel is a year of leisure travel with the love of my life… not too shabby. =)

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